Andrea Monesi

Andrea Monesi was born in Novara in August 1991. Since he was a boy he developed an interest in food and its variations. The presence in the family kitchen, curiosity and the desire to learn were the first steps of his career.

After graduating, he began a training and professional growth program alongside several chefs, including Marta Grassi and Matteo Vigotti, as well as internships and experiences.

Since 2012 he works at the Locanda di Orta together with Sara Orlando. They have been running it since 2019 to create a new project based on determination, commitment and precision, qualities that borrow the personality of the Chef. 

The confirmation of the Michelin star in 2018 and in the following years, the recognition of the public and critics, the versatility and the ability to get excited and move, have marked these years of work and success.

Identity Card

Nome: Andrea
Surname: Monesi
Date of birth: 20 August 1991
Born in: Novara
What you like to cook:  Foie Gras and Pigeon
Your childhood dish: Spaghetti with tomato sauce
An ingredient you don’t use: Tofu
Favorite dish: La pasta all’amatriciana
Wine of choice: Champagne Jacques Selosse Brut rosé
Favorite cocktail: Dirty Martini
Hobby: Fishing and reading