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Locanda di Orta is a restaurant immersed in the beauty of one of the most charming and romantic villages in Italy, where simplicity, technique and passion come together and blend to give guests moments of taste, happiness and pleasure.

In this little paradise, in two elegant rooms and in the lodge, the chef Andrea Monesi - since 2018 awarded with a Michelin Star - and the sommelier and maitre Sara Orlando, show, every day, the values of the tradition of great Italian cuisine, with roots in Piedmont and Veneto, marked by influences and echoes of the nearby France, to make dishes with carefully selected raw materials of excellence.

Effort, work and dedication make the Locanda di Orta a place of pleasure where the cousine evokes memories of flavors, scents, colors, which have always been the heritage of Italian haute cuisine. To satisfy and make guests much more than customers: real friends.

Menus change according to the seasons. They alternate the classics of Andrea Monesi’s cuisine with his most recent creations, the result of research, study and innovation. Dishes to be enjoyed in full relaxation, with an impeccable service in search of the essence of taste.

We recommend the choice of Menus to all diners

La Carta

Fish and chips  €30,00

The scallop that wanted to be au gratin   €35,00

Potato croissant with saffron, marrow, mustard and caviar  €35,00

Rabbit “tonnato”  €30,00

Homage to Fabergè  €30,00

Milk rice, strawberry grapes and mushrooms  €30,00

Spaghetti with red tuna roe, Piedmont hazelnuts and liquorice  €35,00

Ravioli with Blu cheese di Morozzo, pumpkin broth and black lemon  €30,00

Fresh pasta tagliatelle 37 yolks, duck and orange ragout  €35,00

Gallinella with carrots and elderberries  €35,00

Eel between “carpione” and charcoal  €40,00

Turbot and zucchini  €45,00

Veal dry aged 40 days, beets and caramelized onions  €40,00

Lamb black cabbage and chamomile  €35,00

Supreme roasted pigeon, leg confit with figs and foie gras with ginger  €40,00

Sweetbreads coffee and Jerusalem artichokes  €40,00

50 shades of chocolate  €25,00

Parfait coconut, almonds and pineapple  €20,00

White rose. Rose, vanilla and lychee  €20,00

Nashi pears and rum soufflé with chocolate and cardamom ice cream (min. 2 people)  €40,00

Ice creams and sorbets  €15,00

Goat cheese tasting – Cascina Badin, Castagneto Po  €25,00

In order to preserve the quality and safety of raw materials, some products are subjected to a treatment of killing as per HACCP regulation.
Fish purchased fresh and served raw has undergone a treatment of reclamation as per European regulation n.853/2004. (ஐ)
Since we use fresh products purchased daily, some products may be occasionally missing.

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